péntek, október 31, 2008


Úgy hangzik mint valami perverz tevékenység (esetleg nemi betegség; úristen, gyerekek, loás vagyok), háddenem?

PS.: Na hajrá:

Law of Attraction
Leave Of Absence
Length Overall (boat specification)
Letter Of Authorization
Loss of Appetite
Letter of Approval
Letter of Agency
Legends of Aranna (game)
Length Over All
Lords of Acid (band)
Letter of offer and acceptance (US DoD)
Life Of Agony
Letter of Authority
Love One Another
Lack of Attention
List of Abbreviations
Line of Accounting
Last of All
Letter Of Appreciation
Linear Optical Amplifier (Genoa)
Leif Ove Andsnes (classical pianist)
Law of Averages
Letter Of Apology
Library of Alexandria (game)
Level of Assessment
Level Of Authority
Light Off Assessment
Legend of Ares (online game)
Limit of Advance
Letters of Assurance
Letter of assist (US DoD)
Loss of Attachment (periodontal disease)
Logistics Officers Association (formerly Maintenance Officers Association)
Lysis of Adhesions (surgical procedure)
Living Out Allowance (housing)
League of Awesomeness
Line of Affiliation
Left Occipito Anterior (fetal position)
Lease-Option Agreement
Love on Arrival (Dan Seals song)
Lead Operational Authority
Losers of America (gaming clan)
Letter of Admonishment
Local Overseas Allowance
Legion Of Apocalypse (hacker group)
Love of Anime
Letter of Administration
Late Onset Asthma
Loss of Aircraft (logistics)
Loyal Orange Association (Canadian fraternal organization)
Looseness of Association
logistics over-the-shore (LOTS) operation area (US DoD)
Limited Open Authorization
Limited Operational Availability
Leadership Opportunity Awards
lodgment operational area (US DoD)
Logistics Operations Analysis (McHugh Software International)
Light Observation Aircraft
Length of Association
Lesbians Of America
Limited Operational Assessment
List Of Acronym(s)
Lands of Acheron (Neverwinter Nights game server)
Letter of Abandonment
Line Of Appropriation
Link Occupancy Analysis
Limit of Allowance
Lords of Arograth (online game)
Letter Of Agreement/Acceptance
Lead Out Advantage
Lower Open Auxiliary
Luck of Aleia (emo band)
Love of Animals, Inc (Visalia, CA)
Lambs of Abortion (band)
List of Acronyms
Limit of Authority
Level of Assurance
Logistics Operations Area
Library Object Adapter

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